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Monday, April 09, 2007

Senate To Vote On Embryonic Stem Cell Research Bill reports that the Senate will debate and vote on the embryonic stem cell research bill, S. 5, on Tuesday and Wednesday. This bill will provide government funding for the human killing research which most Pro-Life groups oppose. Embryonic stem cell research kills human beings in the beginning stages of life and has not provided a single successful treatment, even though billions of dollars have been spent on it.


Adult stem cell and cord blood stem cell research on the other hand have provided cures to least 72 known illnesses and have healed hundreds of people. These methods do not require the killing of a human being.

Click here for a treatment fact sheet

Click here to go to to find the contact information for your senators Let them know that you do not support Senate bill S. 5 and that they should try to defend life, not kill human beings for research.